Affiliate Partner Program - 3 Ways to Partner

 At Gibson Teldata, Inc., we have created our very own Affiliate Partner Program which allows independent sales consultants, other voice and data providers or simply other organizations that sell complimentary products and services the opportunity to capture additional revenue through the sale of a wide array of voice and data solutions that would not normally be a part of their everyday portfolio.

The Affiliate Partner Program is geared towards helping an entity add revenue to their bottom line without adding the costs associated with bringing on new products and services. You can select a compensation-based referral program or enter into a full partnership agreement to sell and support the same solutions we sell directly.

Why is there a need for an Affiliate Partner Program?

In order to remain competitive in the market of selling goods and services directly to businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to diversify your own business by offering multiple products, brands, new or different technologies and supporting a multitude of vertical markets which can all differ in size from small, medium, large and enterprise clients that need and are demanding the best.

The end result is a much higher overhead for an organization in order to be everything to everybody while defocusing their core values and offerings.  Not to mention the added quotas, liabilities and accountability associated with adding new brands, services and products to a portfolio. The Affiliate Partner Program is designed to assist Partners with meeting their customers challenging needs while maintaining their core focus but adding to their Profitability and Customer Satisfactions levels. Whether the client is purchasing your products and services today or not, you can become their trusted advisor for other products and services that they need today, which can assist you with building valuable relationships for the future.

What is the Affiliate Partner Program?

The Affiliate Partner Program is an offering by Gibson Teldata which allows interested organizations the ability to aggregate the products and services offered to their clients through an agreement with Gibson Teldata to re-sell products or services made available through the program. The Affiliate Partner can generate revenue through commissions or become authorized to market, sell and possibly provide support for certain products provided for under the guidelines of the program to their end-user customers.

Partners may choose from one of three levels of participation within the Gibson Teldata Affiliate Partner Program. Each specifically designed to meet the needs of different companies.  

  • Level 1 - Referral Partner (RP) offers organizations the possibility to receive commission dollars for voice and data opportunities which lead to a sale that can be uncovered simply through the natural sales process of inquiring about the needs and goals of a potential or existing client.
  • Level 2 - Limited Partner (LP) is ideal for companies that have the capabilities to market, promote and sell the products provided by this program, but require the ability to outsource the Implementation, Warranty and Maintenance to Gibson Teldata.
  • Level 3 - Authorized Partner (AP) is ideal for companies that have the desire and capability to market, sell and provide their own support services, including the implementation, warranty and maintenance for their customer solutions and products made available through the Program. 



For more information, contact:

Scott Egan, Director of Business Development

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