ISDN - PRI Carrier Services

Carrier Services - ISDN / PRI

ISDN PRI service provides your organization with a single circuit capable of up to 23 simultaneous voice or packet switched data calls.  ISDN PRI is a great replacement for analog telephone service.  

Some standard features of ISDN PRI include:

  • DID numbers so that callers can dial a number and reach a internal phone user without an operator or automated attendant intervention.
  • Incoming Caller ID Name and Number.
  • Ability to define your own outgoing Calling Party Number that will display on the called party's Caller ID.
  • Fully digital interface to your telecommunications system for crystal clear sound quality.
  • And because Gibson Teldata is not tied to any one carrier, we can provide options and advice on the best carrier for your market and price point.


Contact us to discuss whether or not an ISDN PRI solution is right for your organization.