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Mitel MiVoice 250 Office - End of Life

Mitel has seen a significant change in the SMB market and most notably a shift of market demand to cloud services, IP technologies and software-based UC applications. This has been a trend observed over the last few years, but recent world events have caused the pace of change to accelerate. Due to this shift, Mitel has made the decision to initiate the end of life process for the MiVoice Office 250 solution (formerly known as the Mitel 5000) in the US.

We recognize this platform has significant history and importance for end users and your Gibson Teldata Account Executive will be working with you to manage through this transition.


All of MiVoice Office 250 related products shown below will be affected by this announcement but the key dates vary in terms of end of sales. Specifically, the end of new system sales date refers to the HX Controller and the various kits that use the HX controller (such as the IP Base Kit, the Digital base kit).

Add-on sales, whether for the MiVoice Office Applications Suite, extra line cards, digital system phones and software licenses, will continue for an extended period and we will continue to review as we get closer to the date to assess if there is demand or inventory to consider any extension. Please note that any extension would be communicated separately.

MiVoice Office 250

All of MiVoice Office systems (HX Controller and the associated marketing kits which include this controller), line cards, trunk cards and software licenses are affected. The broader MiVoice Office 250 components such as Attendant console, PS-1, and CT Gateway are affected as well.

Digital and IP Phones

The 85xx Digital phones are also subject to this same lifecycle notice as they are only sold on the MiVoice Office 250 platform. All other devices such as the MiNET 53xx IP phones, 56xx WiFi phones, IP DECT phones, and 69xx phones continue to be available, regardless of the MiVoice Office 250 Lifecycle plan, unless otherwise announced separately.

MiVoice Office Application Suite

All of MiVoice Office Application Suite parts including Phone Manger, Call Reporter, and Call Recorder are affected but with 12-month extension to the milestones as described below and may be subject to further review subject to demand.


Following are the lifecycle milestones for MiVoice Office 250 and Application Suite. 

MiVoice Office 250

  • End of New System Sales > January 31, 2022
    • ​After the End of Sales date, no new MiVoice Office 250 system sales will be available.
  • End of Add-On Sales > June 30, 2022 
    • All parts for MiVoice Office 250, except the Software Assurance renewal parts, are discontinued after the End of Add-on Sales
  • End of Software Design > January 31, 2023
    • There will be no scheduled software release for MiVoice Office 250 after the End of Software Design.
  • End of Device License Sales > June 30, 2024
    • There will be no licenses sold after this date.
  • End of Technical Support > June 30, 2026
    • Once this date is passed, no further call in/web support will be available and documentation and software may be delisted from the Mitel Document Center.
    • Hardware warranty service will be available based on the eligibility date of each hardware unit. Repair of out of warranty unit is available at the best effort basis.

Mitel Application Suite

  • End of Sales (Application Suite) > June 30, 2024
    • All parts for Application Suite, except the Software Assurance renewal parts, are discontinued after the End of Sales (Application Suite). 
  • End of Software Design > January 31, 2024
  • End of Technical Support > June 30, 2027


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