Solutions for Healthcare

Hospitals require specialized team members, facilities and equipment to be available 24x7 to treat life-threatening injuries. Healthcare professionals are largely mobile and require communication tools that allow them to move about freely without worrying that they might miss a critical alert, or other patient need.

Having unreliable communications technology means the medical staff doesn’t have lab reports, test results and other time sensitive information required to make health care decisions. Hospitals simply cannot risk patients’ health — communication tools are critical. By speeding up the delivery of information and communications, it helps to improve the overall delivery of care and patient outcomes.

By partnering with advanced technology partners we are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of telephone and data networking solutions designed for the healthcare industry. With leading-edge platforms and applications we are able to provide a complete mix of customized services and solutions designed to improve hospital communications, workflow and cost savings to enable better patient care, safety and satisfaction.

It’s our job to think of all the ‘what ifs’— everything from how to confirm patient appointments, get lab reports to the ER, how to maintain phone service in all the elevators, to IVR and advanced call routing for contact-center queues as well as monitoring and tracking calls in real time. Insuring your communication systems operate 24x7, 365 with no interruption in service—that’s our job.



Gibson’s expertise with our solution made them an indispensable part of this project.  

– Ron Shake, Sullivan County Hospital


Gibson Teldata Solutions for Healthcare Brochure (PDF)