NJPA Purchasing Contract


(formerly known as NJPA or National Joint Powers Alliance)

If you work for a government, education or non-profit agency, you can choose between two options (RFP and Sourcewell) when you’re ready to purchase a phone system—both of which will satisfy your bid requirements, however if the solution you are considering is listed on the Sourcewell cooperative contract, you can bypass the RFP process. 

Sourcewell leverages its national network of vendors and manufacturers to help lower costs on contract competitive solicitations for entities that have to work with tight budgets, i.e. schools, government agencies and non-profits. was awarded the exclusive telecom vendor contract from Sourcewell based on product quality, customer service, pricing and overall market leadership.

Procuring these contracts is simple when you work with your Gibson Teldata Account Manager. We are equipped to manage the communications and logistics with Sourcewell to get you the best phone system for your needs. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to go out to bid on a project again? 

Watch the video below to learn how you can save money, reduce months of research, gain efficiency and never go out to bid on a project again.


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